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Tips to help keep you on Track with weight loss

1. Fat Free

Many of us are in the habit of checking the fat content of products and looking out for ‘low fat’ labels before deciding if a food is diet friendly. However, opting for low fat products can be a huge dieting mistake as many low fat meals are packed with sugar to compensate. Also, ‘reduced fat’ labels only indicate that the food is lower in fat than the original product, which may not mean it is low fat at all. It is important to also remember that not all fats are bad for you. Rather than avoiding fat, try to lower your intake of saturated fats and eat more monounsaturated fats (found in avocados, olive oil and nuts) as studies have found that this can help to promote weight loss.

2. Diet Drinks

Just as low fat foods are not always the best choice for weight loss, switching to diet drinks can also inhibit weight loss, or even cause you to gain weight. Research by the Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that those who consumed diet drinks daily experienced a 70 per cent greater increase in waist circumference than those who drank none, while a previous study showed that obesity risk increased by 41 per cent for each diet drink consumed. It is thought this may be because artificial sweeteners trigger appetite, and they may also inhibit the brain cells that make you feel full.

3. All about Moderation not Limitation

While eating too much food will inevitably cause you to gain weight, eating too little can also be a big dieting mistake. Firstly, not giving your body an adequate amount of food will make it go into starvation mode, causing the metabolism to slow down and the body to hoard fat and calories. Furthermore, making your diet too restrictive and cutting out all the foods you like is unrealistic and will mean you are more likely to give in. It is also pointless to give up these foods unless you plan on giving them up forever, as the pounds will just pile on again once your reintroduce them into your diet

4. Weight loss is a Journey not a sprint

Many of us take an all or nothing approach to dieting, meaning one small wobble can lead to us ruining our diets and giving up entirely. After all, if you’ve already broken your diet and eaten a cookie, you may as well eat the whole packet, right? Wrong! If you’re serious about losing weight, it’s important not to let lapses (big or small) get you down. So, you caved in and ate your body weight in weight in chocolate? Don’t dwell on it. Just because you have given into temptation once it doesn’t mean that you will again, and it doesn’t mean that you have failed. Simply put the past behind you, pick yourself up and carry on.

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